3x18Kg Premium CookinPellets® Combo 2x18Kg Apple Mash + 1x18Kg 100% Hickory[18Kg2AM1H]
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 £29.95 Each 
Premium CookinPellets® 3x18Kg Pack MIX SELECTED
1x18Kg Premium 100% Hickory + 2x18Kg Premium Apple Mash

CookinPellets® 100% Hickory:
American Deep Rich Awesome Traditional American Smokin' BBQ Flavours

CookinPellets® Premium Apple Mash:
Light Sweet Fresh Subtle Smoke Flavours.

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Use Premium CookinPellets® in any Charcoal or Gas BBQ - Load up a Smoker Tube - Get Smokin'
Use Premium CookinPellets® In Any Wood Pellet BBQ Grill! 
Industry Standard 6mm Premium Hardwood Pellets - Clean Easy Burn - Absolute Minimum White Ash Residue

Sustainable Renewable Energy Source. VAT included at 5% to end users. CookinPellets® are NOT for Human Ingestion Dry Storage - Keep away from Children & Pets


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